Monday, 12 March 2012

Portfolio COMPLETE!


My portfolio is FINALLY finished! The blog is 100% done as far as I'm concerned. :) I may upload a few more croquis drawings and some character sketches in the next day or two, but for the large part it is DONE! Here it is: !!

This is a seriously exciting time and I am very happy with what I have produced. There is so much room for improvement, but I have learned so much as well, and I am glad that I managed to pull this off. It feels like a real milestone in my fledgeling career as a character artist. :) I also got to learn a lot about the blogger interface, so I will probably pretty this blog up a little when I have some time.

The paperwork has also been sent off, which means that I am basically done. Now comes the hard part: waiting. In the mean time, I think there will probably be some big parties to attend this Thursday (and possibly through the weekend) and lots of videogames to play!

And since I just figured out how to do this, here is an awesome tune from Deadmau5!

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