Friday, 22 March 2013

Biped Project Complete

So today we finished our Biped Project, and I threw together a short showreel of my progress. The model is still very much WIP but technically I have met the project goals. I intend to keep working on this though, sculpting the base and spear and maybe even posing and texturing it sometime in the near future. If I ever manage to get that done I'll put together a new vid.

Easter holidays start today, which means it's time to sleep and finish some videogames.

Until then, enjoy!

Boudicca Sculpt Presentation from John Muller on Vimeo.

Thursday, 21 March 2013

Boudicca Sculpt Complete!

Today I think I hit the final level of my Boudicca sculpt. Bear with me as I am still getting used to the Zbrush render settings.

Now I have a sword and a spear to sculpt and her base, but technically I have almost met the requirements of the assignment already. I need to do a turnaround tomorrow so I will upload that when the time comes.

Overall this has been a really good first experience, but there is a LOT I wish I had done differently, hopefully I can remember these lessons this time.

EDIT: Did a short redesign of Boudicca based on my current wishes for where the design had gone. I find that I have a hard time sticking to one thing for a very long time, and I battled with many different ideas when making her. The result I have currently feels unsatisfactory at the moment. Maybe I can revisit her someday. Until then, there is this sketch.

More to come!

Monday, 18 March 2013

Biped Project: Boudicca Update

So now we've been modelling our characters in 3D, spending a week on the basic geometry and props and now we're going to be spending this week taking those elements over to sculpting programs like Mudbox and Zbrush.

Here's what I have so far: all the maya basic meshes.

And this is the result after about an hour in Zbrush, which I am really new to but having a blast with nonetheless.

Zbrush is an incredible program and it gets me really excited about 3D sculpting, the level of detail and control it offers you is unparalleled. Tomorrow I'll have a whole day to go at it so I'm looking forward to the results!

Wednesday, 6 March 2013

Mega Update

Hello there! It's been a while!

The short story is that we've had an exam week and a lot of other technical stuff going on, but we have finally started our Biped Project! I've decided to take on Queen Boudicca, a celtic woman who burned down London about two thousand years ago when England was still ruled by the romans. It's been a really intense challenge to focus on creating a strong woman, where her age and strength come through while still appearing somewhat heroic, instead of completely barbaric. It also gave me a good opportunity to get some anatomy practice in.

Enough talk, time for pictures.

We've spent the last four days working on the maquette, so starting tomorrow we'll begin work on the 3d model. Really looking forward to it, although I'm certain the technical hurdles will be many (anatomy in Maya, oh noes).

I also finished the collaborative comic page I was working on!

Hopefully I will return to weekly updates now! Sorry for the gap.

Until next time!