Saturday, 30 November 2013

The Bicycle Thieves Part 3: Modelling

During the DLO stage we had a chance to start our basic modelling, figuring out the scale of all the objects in the world and how we would cheat our way into representing a full scale city in 3D with only a team of four artists and a few weeks at our disposal.

Immediately we decided to work in a scale of meters, and build everything around the size of the bike and its occupants. Once they were completed, they were used as a measure for all the other assets we produced.

Rough scale modelling and rigging was done in the first
few days.
Minecraft-esque clouds were a handy fill-in during the DLO.
The set for shot 01 is more than 500m long, but it had to look
like it was significantly larger.
Figuring out how to give the impression of a layered city at
a distance was a challenge I'd later have to face.

After the DLO was finished it was time to start splitting our assets up and begin working on higher resolution models for our characters as well as the environments. I'll get into that tomorrow.

Friday, 29 November 2013

The Bicycle Thieves Part 2: Animatic and DLO

Once we had roped down the basics of the story and what we wanted to tell, it was time to start working out the shots and put together something representing a rough of our film. First we made an animatic, which is a rough 2D draught of the film that lets us test pacing, camera work and framing before we lock anything down.

The animatic was largely put together by our very talented animator, Corentin Monnier, so all credit due goes to him, although we all participated in suggesting pacing and camera shot tweaks.

After that was decided the animators went back to learning Maya and the rest of the pipeline was handed over to the CG students. At this point we got two weeks to make a rough 3D draught of the animatic, otherwise called a DLO (Digital Lay Out). It was very hectic for us as the large sets and expansive camera movements as well as a flying bicycle made it a real challenge, but we eventually got it together. We found that we needed more time than 30 seconds to convey the message though, and so we pushed for - and eventually recieved - a larger time budget.

After that was done the next step was to start modelling! Which I will cover tomorrow.

Thursday, 28 November 2013

The Bicycle Thieves Part 1: Pre Production

So I'm gonna make a short series of posts covering our work on our trailer project this semester.

We were tasked with creating a new, 30 second trailer for the classic 40's film The Bicycle Thieves, by Vittorio de Sica. It was expected of us to change the story, setting or the genre somehow to differentiate it from the original film, but we should still be using many parts of the original as reference.

We had two weeks for pre-production where we teamed up with some animators, resulting in a team of 8 artists. After much deliberation we decided to keep much of the story intact and instead change the setting to something more fantastic, and the feeling to something akin to a Studio Ghibli film, particularly in reference to the way they convey flight. As such, the flying bicycle was born.

We decided to build a city above the clouds, keeping the father-son relationship from the film as well as the father's occupation as a poster boy.

Initially there was some discussion about what kind of sky city it would be: would it float on a flying rock? Would it be a giant fortress or some kind of magic tower? Eventually we settled for an extremely tall spire that would be separated by social class: the higher the richer.

Next stage was storyboarding, animatics and the DLO, but I'll cover that tomorrow!

More Paintings, Update

Hey there.

Work on the film proceeds! I realize this blog has been very empty this semester and that saying that I don't have finished work to show is not really a good excuse, because the film is never finished...until it's done. Next time I'll be posting a lot more WIP's and I'll upload what stills I have taken over the course of the production within the next few days. Until then, here are some paintings I did in my free time:

Self Study
Engineer class from Torchlight II

Until next time!