Friday, 13 April 2012

Application Complete!

So, yesterday I wrote (maybe a better word is drew) my application test for TAW. I had a ball and it went really well. Sadly they are holding on to it for the moment, since I would have liked to be able to upload it.

Today was my application interview, which went ok. It's hard to answer rather metaphysical questions like 'what are your character strengths and weaknesses'. I think people like to think in absolutes, but I am no storybook character. Certainly, I have certain strengths and weaknesses, but I am also a flexible creature, and often known to contradict my own nature. I might be prone to laziness, but I can also be extremely hard working when interest grips me. This is hard to explain in less than 30 minutes. I know these kind of questions are necessary to give them a rough impression of who you are, but I feel like I walked away from the interview without really giving them as much of that insight as I would have liked.

Anyways, I know there have been several unfulfilled promises for more work over the past few weeks. I actually got sick last week, and everything I have been doing lately didn't really feel up to standard, so I haven't uploaded anything. This time I will just end by saying 'I will upload something when I feel I have something to upload (and I wish I could upload my test, cause that was AWESOME)'.

But basically the application process for TAW is over now! Apparently I must now wait 3 weeks (which I am sure will be agonizing - but it could be a lot worse) for my letter of acceptance/denial. Fingers crossed!

Until next time!