Friday, 25 April 2014

Commerical Project Week 1

So this week we started on a Commercial Project, where we will be creating adverts and pitching them to real clients, as well as working alongside them, to produce a finished product. This is quite different from our previous projects where we've had complete artistic control.

That said, this week has been a flurry of idea generation and pitching, and now the client has settled on one of our ideas, titled 'Cracks', which you'll see more of in the coming weeks.

Until then, this is the short film that the same team produced a few weeks ago, Breakfast Jam. Featuring yours truly as the scientist!

Until next time!

Tuesday, 22 April 2014

Easter Break - Delve

So I spent most of my Easter break asleep instead of drawing, but in the last two evenings I finally got back to scribbling.

Since the end of first year I'd hoped to pitch a DnD themed film at some point, but I don't think TAW is the right place to do it anymore, as they made The Reward just a year ago, a film which covers a lot of the same ground as the one I might like to do. Nevertheless, here are a few characters I put together for the ideas I had, which I'm tentatively calling 'Delve'.

Maybe one day I'll be able to use them for something. Tomorrow we start on the Commerical Project, so we'll see where that goes!

Thursday, 10 April 2014

Story Week - Breakfast Jam

So the past two weeks have been very busy due to our first pitch arriving and two consecutive weeks spent on story. As a result I haven't been producing much worth showing lately, mostly rough sketches.

This week however we were challenged to make a short live-action film at the school, with only 5 shots allowed and the constraint that a character would have to exchange something with another. Together our group made Breakfast Jam, which we will show tomorrow to the rest of the school. So I got to make a poster for the film. I took a lot of inspiration from an infamous, award-decked poster for the film 'Her'.

Tomorrow we clean up the final edit and then it's Easter break, where hopefully I'll draw or paint something worth showing. 

Until next time!