Friday, 17 August 2012

Dragonbrand COMPLETE!

So, my sword is finally finished!

After much texture work and smoothing Dragonbrand is finally done. :) A friend of mine helped me to preview it on the high poly model of Dragon Knight and it turned out way better than I expected! I am super excited!

However, the application process shows me how much I have to learn - there are a lot of terms there I do not understand, so it will take some learning and lots of research before I am ready to send it in to Steam. Nonetheless, I am very excited. :)

The completed sword

Dragon Knight with Dragonbrand

All in all this was a great experience and I feel a lot more confident going into TAW with this under my belt - I now know the basics of making a 3D model and texturing it in Maya, which will surely come in handy there!


Thursday, 16 August 2012


So I've continued working on my sword for DOTA2, much to my joy this is one of the most entertaining things I've ever done. I'm glad, as I was worried that maybe 3D modelling and texturing wasn't for me - turns out it is. It really, really is.

Here's some shots of the sword for Dragon Knight (a picture of whom I have also placed below) as it's progressed over the past two days.

Dragon Knight, the hero I am designing the sword for.

Original Concept

Early 3D

Completed 3D model

Learning how textures work, mockup colour scheme

Continued work on textures, changed colour scheme

Finalized colour scheme, textures 70% complete

As you can see it has been quite a journey! There is still a lot to do. The pommel of the sword needs to be redone due to some poor modelling (I'm still new at this) and the textures in general still need work. But overall I am extremely happy with my progress so far! Looking forward to putting this into the Steam Workshop.

Until next time!

Tuesday, 14 August 2012

Beginning to think in 3D

So my uni is coming up pretty soon and I'm getting pumped! I've been sketching a lot more and even doing some more digital painting. :) It feels like I can finally call myself an artist again.

Guild Wars 2 is ever present in my mind, so here's another Asuran. :)

Also, with the inclusion of the Steam Workshop in DOTA2, I've decided to pick up Maya and 3D modelling a little earlier than usual, and I've started working on creating some items for some of my favourite heroes. I was a rabid fan of the original DotA, so being able to contribute to DOTA2 is a dream come true. Today I started working on a sword for Dragon Knight - this is my first 3D sculpt so go easy ok? :D

Concept Sketch
In Maya

3D modelling brings a whole new skill set and a bunch of new challenges to face as an artist. I'm eager to continue working, but my brain is blasted for today. :D