Friday, 20 February 2015

More Layouts!

As I am lacking in other personal work to show, I thought I could share some more layouts that I did for The Shepherd!

We are just about finished with the layout stage, which means that soon we will move on to actual background painting, finally getting some colour into the movie! It's an exciting time. :)

More to come!

Sunday, 8 February 2015

Asmita is a Badass

The film churns steadily on.. In the meantime, I drew one of our lead characters as an older, more heroic character on a lazy day.

Until next time!

Sunday, 25 January 2015

New Updates!

So, the other day I looked at my blog and realized I haven't posted in over 2 months! Needless to say, I've been very busy with family, Christmas stuff and The Shepherd over that period, but I do still have some things to show.

First of all, I finished my design of Sarya a while back.

Next, I did a quick sketch for my sister, she wanted a piece portraying her as a sorceress with her cat, Specs, at command.

Both pieces were a lot of fun and a welcome change from the full time work on The Shepherd. Speaking of which, we have finally locked our animatic, which basically means we have a movie, it just looks and sounds terrible. Now we move into production, where we make the art and sound assets to complete the film. At the moment, I am busy making layouts, a few of which you can see below.

These are essentially the early drafts of the final shots which the animators will work on, and which we will later paint. It's a pretty fun stage to be in after months of storyboarding - I finally have the time to draw things in detail!

That's about it for now. I'll be building a new website soon to prepare for internships, but the blog will continue to exist alongside it - so keep an eye out for that!


Monday, 10 November 2014

Storyboards and Sketches

So I thought I might show some (not too spoilery) rough storyboards that I've been making as part of The Shepherd, as well as some of the sketches I've been doing on the side so as to not go nuts.

This is usually how I start my storyboards, as very quick rough sketches on paper with printed panels (drawing a tonne of panels gets annoying very quickly). As you can see they are just meant to get the basic idea down so I have enough room to add or remove frames as I work out where to put the camera, how sounds will factor into it and if there will be any particular camera moves. Working this small and fast helps me to avoid being precious with my panels and gives me the space to experiment a lot. After I've figured it out I'll go into TVPaint and redraw the sequence at a higher level of detail for use in the animatic.

This first sequence is from the opening of the film, where we introduce the girl and her plight, as well as the Shepherd.

Secondly, I've been doing a little bit of drawing at home for fun so I have something else to do and think about than The Shepherd. First I have a character design for an Elvish Wizard that I did on a whim one night, and then some fanart for a character called Tracer from Blizzard's new game, Overwatch.

That's all for now! Back to storyboarding.

Wednesday, 29 October 2014

Shepherd Logos

Oh man it's been a long time!

Mostly I've been busy storyboarding these past weeks (and those storyboards are secret), so I don't have an awful lot of work to show right now, but I do have some gun sketches from class and a first pass at designing a logo for The Shepherd!

Hopefully I'll have something more significant to show soon, it's just a slow month in terms of finished work.

Wednesday, 8 October 2014

Alien Sketches!

So we've been pretty busy making The Shepherd a reality! Sadly for me that mostly means talking a lot, so I've not as many drawings to show lately as I might have liked. That said, I have some alien sketches that I made, and a look test put together by some of our artists!

The alien has been an interesting design challenge, and I can assure you the final result is less cute than my own examples. ;)

Finally we have our first look test, put together by Benjamin Bach Nielsen (painting the background) and Emilie Stabell (editing) with the help of some of our animators. Really cool!

These are exciting times! I can't wait to make more. But for now, back to talking about story.

Monday, 29 September 2014

The Green Gribbly

My girlfriend is always going on about invisible gribblies, so I took the liberty of drawing one a few days ago.