Tuesday, 14 August 2012

Beginning to think in 3D

So my uni is coming up pretty soon and I'm getting pumped! I've been sketching a lot more and even doing some more digital painting. :) It feels like I can finally call myself an artist again.

Guild Wars 2 is ever present in my mind, so here's another Asuran. :)

Also, with the inclusion of the Steam Workshop in DOTA2, I've decided to pick up Maya and 3D modelling a little earlier than usual, and I've started working on creating some items for some of my favourite heroes. I was a rabid fan of the original DotA, so being able to contribute to DOTA2 is a dream come true. Today I started working on a sword for Dragon Knight - this is my first 3D sculpt so go easy ok? :D

Concept Sketch
In Maya

3D modelling brings a whole new skill set and a bunch of new challenges to face as an artist. I'm eager to continue working, but my brain is blasted for today. :D

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