Wednesday, 6 March 2013

Mega Update

Hello there! It's been a while!

The short story is that we've had an exam week and a lot of other technical stuff going on, but we have finally started our Biped Project! I've decided to take on Queen Boudicca, a celtic woman who burned down London about two thousand years ago when England was still ruled by the romans. It's been a really intense challenge to focus on creating a strong woman, where her age and strength come through while still appearing somewhat heroic, instead of completely barbaric. It also gave me a good opportunity to get some anatomy practice in.

Enough talk, time for pictures.

We've spent the last four days working on the maquette, so starting tomorrow we'll begin work on the 3d model. Really looking forward to it, although I'm certain the technical hurdles will be many (anatomy in Maya, oh noes).

I also finished the collaborative comic page I was working on!

Hopefully I will return to weekly updates now! Sorry for the gap.

Until next time!

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