Tuesday, 18 March 2014

Self Study Project - Wrapping Up

I'm supposed to present today so at the moment I am putting together a powerpoint document with all my work. The sheer volume of it kind of surprises me. Despite my three week illness this has been a period where I have produced a very large amount of work. Trying to accurately show it all in 4-5 minutes without being boring will be a challenge.

Jahai finally has a rough title image, and I made my monster designs a little more African in feel.

It's a little bare right now, but it's a start.

My only regret is not having some more detailed character designs, but my shying away from ever completing them might be a sign that environments and monsters are more my thing.

Depending on how the powerpoint presentation goes, I might make a video instead. If so, I'll upload it here within the week.

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