Monday, 24 March 2014

Colour with Joaquim Royo

So the Quadruped Project is over and now we are moving on to a week of working with Colour.

The very talented Joaquim Royo is our guide this week and for the first day we've been encouraged to do some colour swatches and some thumbnails. This week is meant to be about experimentation so I think I will try to do a more character and action oriented piece with vivid colours - basically the polar opposite of everything I did in Jahai. Also, IN SPACE.

The colour swatches were all taken from other images that I liked, it's a fun and often surprising exercise to see the range of colours - or even the lack of them - in some of the masterworks. Good stuff.

For the moment Jahai is taking a backseat but I am already itching to get back to designing some characters and gods for it. Those should come in time.

More to come!

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