Wednesday, 4 December 2013

The Bicycle Thieves Part 6: Look Development

So after many weeks of technical stuff in Maya we finally reached the stage called look development, which is where we tweak the lighting, textures and shaders to make the film look the way we want it to look.

We had always aimed for a flat look that was more based on strong lighting and texture work than impressive shading to get a warm feeling across, now it was time to apply that idea to our scenes and see if it worked. An important part of this step is achieving the look you want while keeping the render times as short as possible.

We settled on using cards for clouds. They could be more stylized
this way as well as being very cheap in terms of render times.
During this period the animators got a hold of our rigs and got to animating our shots, they only had two weeks to turn around two shots each, so their workload was quite large!

The two shots above are representative of where we stand at the moment as we move into compositing. This is the final step where we'll put everything together and make any final tweaks before we call it done. The deadline is next week Friday, so we're going to be pushing hard this next week.

Until next time!