Sunday, 1 December 2013

The Bicycle Thieves Part 4: Modelling Continued

Once the DLO was over and we had decided how to split up the assets between us, we dived into Zbrush to begin sculpting our characters. At the same time we began to model our props for the city in Maya.

Due to the challenge of building big environment pieces we decided to essentially build the city out of very large 'props', which we would then propagate with other props and assets, in a process not dissimilar to level building in videogames. This meant we could focus on our individual pieces and then throw them all together at the end and (hopefully) end up with something looking like a city.

As for the characters, we got one each. I was given Antonio, the father. Below is his finished Zbrush sculpt, which took me a few days.

He was then retopologized in Maya (retopology is the process of breaking down a high resolution sculpt like the one above into a more managable, lower detail mesh).

And eventually our characters all got a lineup in the sun.

Tomorrow I will briefly discuss rigging and prop modelling, before we move on to look development!