Monday, 2 December 2013

The Bicycle Thieves Part 5: Prop Modelling and Rigging

With the characters done we could focus on getting all the props together. We had a vast library (something around 30 or so) of props, many of which where building 'chunks', windows, doors, bridges and other paraphernalia to decorate our city with, so we had a lot to do!

Below are two examples of the props I worked on.

I also threw together a compilation shot of all of our props, including the monstrous 'chunks' which we used as a basis for all our structures.

We also started rigging! There really isn't much to show here, but we did a lot of work, putting together four fully rigged characters in three weeks.

It involved a lot of this sort of thing.

The end result? Poseable characters!

Tomorrow we get back to the fun part. Colours and lighting in look development!