Monday, 3 September 2012

Working at TAW

So the first week at TAW has come and gone and I have some work to show for it!

For our first task we have been given two weeks to make a 30-second short in a completely random group. It has been pretty interesting to finally do something like this and to learn first-hand the challenges involved - especially with a short time period and a mixed group!

Basically we're doing a short clip on a vietnamese town being evacuated and then bombed. I've had to do a lot of character and environment design and I've learned a lot about colour! Here are the villagers and soldiers I've thrown together for the short. They purposely have a rough look to them, as we were aiming for a stylized, textured puppet look.

I still have a background or two to do and some polish, but the short will be shown to the entire school on Friday, so the deadline draws near! It's gonna be awesome. :) Really enjoying TAW and I eagerly look forward to future projects!

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