Friday, 14 September 2012

Photoshop Monsters

 So we've been having a pretty interesting week with Julie Bracegirdle, who has been teaching us alternate methods of character design. Here are some photoshop monsters I made yesterday as part of an exercise. We had to write a little bit of fluff about them as well (probably my favourite part), I have put that up here too.

Tetraclops Malculatus (Latin: The Four-Eyed Spotter) is a hellish beast spawned in the pits of my laboratory, and as such defies all attempts at classification any more specific than a rough suggestion of Kingdom.  A crude beast, it tends to wallow in the dark before making a surprise attack by latching on to its prey with incredibly powerful pincers. When attacking, it unleashes a hypersonic scream capable of dazing most ordinary creatures. These screams continue as it devours its prey alive, and as such its eating rituals are punctuated by constant screaming - both of itself and its prey. 

Aspis Erosus (Latin: The Serrated Bee) is a characteristically violent arthropod, prone to flying and attacking in swarms, hunting down and destroying larger prey with a ferocity that reminds one of the feeding frenzies of the Piranha. Do not let their diminutive size fool you – they are highly violent even when caged and it is my personal opinion that it is easier to shoot and dissect them than to keep them.

EDIT: We had to put them all up for display outside our class like some kind of gallery abominate. I took a photo. :D

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