Tuesday, 21 February 2012

I'm No Web Designer

Well, I've been fiddling around with the look of my blog, and now it has a new (somewhat better) title, at least until I can think of something clever that isn't ridiculously obnoxious.

Still nothing fancy I'm afraid. :P Oftentimes I wish I was better at this. Anyways, it's better than before (I think), so that's progress at least.

For your enjoyment: the Old Merchant. Painting detailed faces is HARD... At least in colour. There is a lot of subtle lighting and painting techniques I am sure I do not know yet, but here he is! Enjoy.

I was discussing with one of my classmates today how large the body of work is that is necessary to apply for CGA. He is applying to CA, and not to belittle the potential CA students out there hoping to get in, but we agreed that the CGA portfolio is a much more monumental task. I'm not complaining... I just find the discrepancy odd. But I guess the difference lies in the fundamental difference between animators and concept artists - one is paid to draw quickly and another is paid to get into the details.

It's an interesting thought, anyways.

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