Monday, 23 January 2012

The Return of the Jedi

Hey hey!

While I continue to make records on how long I can leave this blog unattended (2 months! Wow!), I have actually been working pretty hard!

Lately I've had to move apartments, shortly after I finished my second semester of The Drawing Academy. To be honest my teacher and I had a massive falling out that left me with little impetus to draw or be creative in any form. I have also been without internet at my new place (I am using my phone to tether internet to write this now!) and it has taken me a few months and the Christmas holidays - along with the steadily encroaching deadline for my application to The Animation Workshop - to get back into the game.

But now I am here and I am learning digital painting, Danish and character design at Mediaskole, while I compile my portfolio.

The portfolio has several sections that I must fill in. I need to have:

  • 8 Character Designs
  • 6 Backgrounds (3 indoors, 3 outdoors)
  • 4 Perspective Drawings
  • A Storyboard
  • 8 Life Drawings
  • 8 Freestyle Drawings (This is the 'anything goes' part of the portfolio)

Right now I have been working mostly on backgrounds and character designs. I have many, many short sketches and ideas, but here are three of the most developed ideas:

This is the first of eight character designs that will be going into my portfolio. ROBO-47 is a malicious steam-powered robot bent on destruction!

This is the second (incomplete) character design. This is The Stranger, a supernatural cowboy who collects the badges of sheriffs he defeats. ;)

This will be the third character, or, time permitting, he will be moved to the freestyle section if I have a better character. This is just an alien critter, no particular story to him. ;)
I will actually be producing a lot over the next few months. I have to have all those drawings handed in on the 15th of March, which means I am working hard and producing a lot of content at the moment. Hopefully this means my blog will pick back up again! ;)

Until next time!

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