Wednesday, 23 November 2011

Super Haitus Over!

I realize that my blog has gone unattended for more than a month. :/

This is largely due to a class trip to Amsterdam, a lack of good drawings to upload and my dissatisfaction with my artwork in general. I've been in quite a large rut lately (artistically), and this has discouraged me from producing worthwhile drawings or even feeling like writing on the blog. Luckily Amsterdam cheered me up and now I have a Dungeons and Dragons campaign with some friends to look forward to - which means that digital works of that nature will probably become commonplace on this blog.

Today I'm gonna start with my new character for the Forgotten Realms campaign we are starting tomorrow: Feki Quartzbeard.

He's a Dwarven cleric! A classic class-race combo. This portrait and the following image are some of my first solo exploits in Photoshop, so I'm fairly proud of them. Getting to grips with colour and light (issues that are not too important to our particular discipline of figure drawing) is exciting and challenging. :)

And that's it for now I'm afraid. :P I am working a lot more digitally lately, and soon I will be putting together my portfolio, so things should heat up then. In the meantime, I'll be working my way through the last few weeks of TDA.


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