Tuesday, 31 January 2012

Disco Fever '98

The last week had me succumbing to winter depression. I was very tired and had extremely little energy to work or perform any task other than watching TV shows on my computer. My phone calender is now telling me I have 44 days left to complete my portfolio and hand it in. I must admit I am a bit panicky about that. XD

Every time I have looked at other application portfolios I have been flummoxed. I have skill with a pencil - but drawing and character design are arts that I have been practising properly for little more than a year now. Digital painting is an entirely different matter. Many of the portfolios I've seen in progress appear much stronger than mine, and I have friends who are younger than me who've been using photoshop for more than 5 or 6 years. This is where I start to feel old and regret not spending more time drawing in my formative years. I just hope I can make a strong enough case for myself come the application to TAW. Being a vagabond for another year doesn't really excite me.

Hence I am watching some videos on digital painting and trying different techniques in order to try and rack up some experience. Here is a speed painting I did of an owl I found on Google. ;)

Until next time!

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