Tuesday, 11 October 2011

Work Still Incoming!

I know I failed to meet my deadline for uploading my work. This was largely due to an incredibly lazy weekend!

However, I did spend the entire afternoon today scanning all of my surviving croquis drawings of note , and various smaller studies (totalling more than 55 images). The only problem is that the scanner and the screen at the school are not very accurate and now the images are all quite faint. I will have to run them all through photoshop separately to bring them back up to a viewable quality - that or scan them again!

Rest assured that this will happen soon though! I also plan on uploading all of my larger long studies, so that I can have a retrospective look at my work, that will be a bit further down the line though as their size demands I scan them in pieces before putting them back together in photoshop - a slow process at best.

I also plan on doing more regular updates of drawings from my sketchbooks and various scribbles that I do every day. I can't promise daily (or even bi-daily) updates, but I'd like to keep the feed active and moving so that's what I am hoping for once I get into the swing of things.

Today was not completely unproductive however! Lasse and I put together a poster for the next Høgni Pub party this evening, first by drawing the characters separately before scanning, then composing and colouring them in photoshop. I'm quite proud of the result. All in all, roughly 4 and a half hours of work.

More to follow soon! I promise!

Until next time. ;)

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