Tuesday, 11 October 2011

Pen Sketches And Glenn Vilppu Drawings

While the model is supposed to be the primary focus during our bi-weekly croquis sessions, after a while one also finds that you are stuck in a room full of interesting people who are sitting very still and staring intently in one direction. Ultimately this leads to a lot of portraits and small sketches of the other artists as they go about their business. I have a few portraits I did in pen last week:

Last semester at TDA we had the honour of studying under Glenn Vilppu for a brief period - who is a famous figure artist amongst our circles. I had the chance of experimenting with many media and I still consider many of the drawings I did under his tutelage to be my best. 

Some of my favourite croquis drawing to this day.

Coffee is an excellent tool for drawing. As an art school, there
are cold mugs of it everywhere, and all one needs is a brush!

Although the anatomy is questionable on this image, I am quite
fond of the mixed media.

Glenn was very fond of bringing forms down to their absolute
basics. Strangely enough, these really work.

Yes! There is still more!



  1. Really like the coffee-one, fourth from below!

  2. Thanks man! I definitely need to work with coffee again - and colour in general! Sadly at TDA I don't get much time to explore the more diverse media, but there will come a time when I'm more free to experiment! :)