Friday, 10 January 2014

Self Study Project - World Building

So after a quick winter holidays I am back at school and moving on to new projects.

Currently I have opted to take a two month self study period while the rest of my class takes a VFX course. I'll be working alone and have only myself to answer to, so it's a bit of a test for myself to see how much I can do without anyone breathing down my neck. Should be fun!

In particular I want to use this time to polish up my painting skills and improve my ability as a concept artist. As such I've decided to do some world building and make my own fantasy setting, which I will then design all the characters, monsters and environments for.

I'll be taking a lot of inspiration from Guild Wars: Nightfall.

Considering my upbringing I decided to create a fantasy world based on African mythology, and I'll be updating my blog soon with my intial pitch and concept for this world. So far the first week at school I have simply spent researching African culture, peoples, animals etc. so that I have a solid base to build on. Next week I'll start painting. :)

Until next time!

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