Tuesday, 14 January 2014

Self Study Project - Initial Sketches

So I spent the entire first week of my self study project simply doing research on African culture and mythology. This week I decided to start working on creating four unique factions to inhabit this world (which I am calling Jahai for the moment), which might contribute to the various classes that are expected in a videogame or roleplaying game. Here are some early sketches and thoughts.

The sorcerors of this world are based on the Masaai people.

The warriors of Jahai are based on the Mali Empire.

The healers of Jahai are based on a mix of Xhosa culture and
Ganvie village.

The scouts of Jahai are based on Zulu culture.

Of course these are all early, but they're a start. It was nice to work on paper for once but now I will be moving on to digital to continue development. 

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