Friday, 18 January 2013

Design 2 with Lawrence Marvitt

After a third week with Lawrence my render skills have definitely improved!

We had three tasks this week, first to create an Atlantean weapon. Next to create a scene showing a pirate invasion of Venice. And finally to depict a fairy metropolis - all fully rendered in greyscale while trying to use the design principles he has taught us. As always, it was a great challenge and there is a great deal to learn! Nonetheless I had a blast and I am slowly getting better at rendering. Sadly I could not complete my fairy city piece as I am having some stress related pain in my drawing arm. However I intend to come back and finish it up!

In general I think my renders come out pretty soft, so I hope I can nail down the texturing and get sharper images in the future (something which I began to experiment with in the last piece). 

Until next time!

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