Friday, 7 December 2012

Project 4550 and The Challenge

So just a short update.

This week we have been working on all the final passes that make a complete render. That means lighting, various rendering tricks such as depth of field, bump mapping etc. and finally textures. Right now I'd say I'm about halfway with many of these things. I've decided to go for a look similar to the videogame Borderlands 2, which led me to spending about two days trying to find out how to make nice outlines! Here's the current render, which is very much a work in progress:

Textures and lighting are rough placeholders at the moment.

Secondly, I recently started a little challenge for myself in order to have something to work on every day that isn't related to what I do at The Animation Workshop. Being an avid Pokemon fan as I grew up, I've decided to try and draw every Pokemon, one every day. This will take me nearly two years, as there are now 649 of them! I'm hoping this side project will keep me artistically refreshed and that I can learn a little about appeal and shape language, as well as working quickly. I am also hoping to have a nice reference for my artistic progress when I look back on it two years from now. Anyways, today was my 8th day, so 641 more to go until I am finished! You can find the feed here:

That's probably the last time I will plug it here since this is meant to be a professional blog so if you want to stay up to date with it, subscribe!

Next week I will complete the render and then it is holiday time! :)

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