Wednesday, 3 October 2012

Construction, Perspective and Rendering with Lawrence Marvit

So we're on week 2 with Lawrence and we've done a lot of cool stuff, mostly about constructing and creating believable volumes and spaces from our heads. I am improving rapidly and I am really enjoying every day we get with Lawrence. Here's some of this weeks stuff.

These are perspective drawings we did. The first was a longer project, while the second we had only 3 hours. In hindsight I wish I had done something a bit crazier with both of them, but they work.

This is the pencil and final sketch for a 'robot made out of household items'. This was to test our construction and I had a blast coming up with this.

Tomorrow we start a two-day project to round off our time with Lawrence, where we will have to make a fully rendered, constructed and in-perspective environment with a character. It should be tough, but man am I excited.

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